This is a post from Claire Louise from A Boy With Asperger’s. I met Claire at the BritMums Awards earlier this year and we got on really well.
What I love about her special needs posts is the honesty, the love and the frustration that we all feel with our little darlings that she expresses so well.
So, just in case you haven’t seen this already, I thought I’d reblog it here. Have a great weekend

A boy with Asperger's

Wow… Little man is driving me crackers. This evening his done nothing but talk about wrestling to the point I’m almost smacking my own head against the wall!

His overly obsessed now, I truly never thought anything could come as close as his transport obsession! Obviously I was wrong.

The worst part is how his interest in wrestling is keeping him awake at night again. His back using the melatonin but as usual its not providing much relief. Worse still school inform me that his acting very out of character. It’s been reported that his been saying pretty bizarre stuff like “He would be more popular if he went to prison” this was said as he was asked why he was misbehaving… Another one of his answers was “He gets more respect and makes more friends this way!”

School enquired if it was his medication that could be causing such…

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  1. Thank u Hun for sharing your a star.


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