Upcoming events for Tourette’s Action

A while ago, I ran a post about Tourette’s Syndrome which  received a lot of interest. The other day, I received Tourette’s Action sent me a news release with some event information, so I thought I would share it with you, in case any of you were interested in attending.


Tourettes Syndrome is very topical at the moment, with Tourettes: Let me entertain you, showing on BBC 3 and Episode 3 airs next Monday 24th September 2012.  Reggie Yates is presenting these programmes and the young people with Tourette Syndrome taking part are making appearances on other shows and in various media, such as Radio 1 and ITV’s This Morning.

We would like to use this opportunity to raise more awareness of Tourette Syndrome in a correct and factual manner and to reach out to adults and families who are living with Tourette Syndrome every day of their lives.  We would like to inform them of the information and support services available to them and of Tourettes Action events around the UK.

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited neurological condition. It affects one schoolchild in every hundred and more than 300,000 children and adults in the UK. The key feature is tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements.   TS is sometimes known as multiple tic disorder or tic spectrum disorder.  In most cases TS is also linked to other behaviours, most often Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

90 percent of people with TS do not swear uncontrollably (coprolalia). 

TS starts in childhood. For about half of children with TS, the condition continues into adulthood.

Tourette Syndrome can have a huge impact on a person’s physical, mental and social wellbeing and can also affects the whole family.

Tourettes Action is a charity working to make life better for people with Tourette Syndrome, by providing support and information as and when it is needed.  To help achieve this and in order to reach out to people in their communities,  Tourettes Action also organises Conferences, Events and Group Meetings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

FORTHCOMING EVENTS for adults and families with experience of Tourette Syndrome


TA Conference on TS for Adults in Birmingham – Saturday 1st December 2012 10am – 4pm

Birmingham University – Cost is £20 each, to include full Conference programme, refreshments and buffet lunch.

Book and pay online at: http://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/5782/chk/d011

An evening social event is also being planned in Birmingham, which is likely to include supper and attract an extra cost.


We have received funding from BBC Children in Need for six workshops each year, for three years. So far this year we have already visited Hartlepool, Northern Ireland and Dartford, and we have three more planned for Bristol and Liverpool in the coming months.

Bristol: Sat 29 September 2012 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  Booking at: http://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/5363/chk/1615

Liverpool: Sat 13 October 2012 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Booking athttp://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/5365/chk/1c77


TA Group – Hastings – start up meeting  Sun, 14 October, 14:00 – 16:00

TA Group – London  London area on Sunday 30th September in the Finsbury Park area.

TA Group – East Anglia – Norfolk and Suffolk  6th October 2012 in Diss. Time to be confirmed.

TA Group North East – Future dates: Saturday 6 October; Saturday 17 November; Saturday 8 December (Christmas Party)

TA Group West Midlands – 22September (Saturday) 1.30pm – 4pm in Kersley End, Coventry.

TA Group TLC – Galashiels on Sat/Sun 20th/21st October.

We are also in touch with many befrienders around the UK, who are happy to correspond and share their knowledge and experiences with others. On behalf of all at Tourettes Action, we sincerely hope to see you at one or more of the events above. For further information on any of the above, please contact: julie@tourettes-action.org.uk


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