Free dyslexia webinars for back-to-school students

A free four part webinar series Academic Success & Dyslexia: Back To School Webinar Series!is starting on 23rd August aimed at helping dyslexic students succeed when they head back to school in a few weeks

It’s being run by Patrick Wilson, who has been working with dyslexic students since 2003. A dyslexic himself, he founded the Tutor Crowd to help SEN students do better in exams. His particular teaching focus is dyslexia.

Patrick believes that low achievement is not the result of low ability it is the result of ineffective learning. He has developed a specific way of teaching dyslexic students that aims to help them work more effectively. He has previously been featured in The Times and The Daily Mail.

Today, he tells Special Needs Jungle about his service.


I got involved with tutoring SEN students because of my background as a dyslexic. In education I found I was constantly coming up against brick walls, and in order to get through school and university, I created techniques and learning models to get the grades. It’s been a natural progression for me to pass on what worked to other dyslexics. I’ve had some great successes with SEN students and it’s good to see people who have struggled academically start achieving.

What’s important for SEN tutors is that they fully understand the student’s SEN. I think that knowledge can sometimes be easier for a teacher with personal experience of the issue to communicate. What I feel happens a lot in SEN teaching, is that lessons focus on the correct objectives, things like organising and structuring. However, if the teacher hasn’t truly understood the students SEN in the first place, the student will walk away without having achieved or learned anything.

I use a lot of different methods when I’m tutoring. I’m an advocate of action based learning for dyslexics, and I focus on creating a relaxing stress free environment, where mistakes are seen as a good thing. I also recommend providing a constant feedback loop for students. Very often a dyslexic will put a huge amount of effort into a project, only to be told at the end that it is not right. That is disheartening and can potentially put the student off learning permanently. By providing constant feedback, the student can improve bit by bit without becoming disheartened.

My advice for worried parents is to do your research. It’s really important you get up to speed with the specific SEN issue that your child has. Understanding should allow you to work with your child more effectively and reduce the emotional issues that can occur in a parent- ‘SEN child’ relationship.

The Tutor Crowd is an online platform that connects you to great tutors. Instead of only being able to work with local tutors, you can work with a tutor from anywhere in the country. For example, you may need an economics tutor that specialises in dyslexia. Our platform gives you the opportunity to find a tutor that’s an ideal match for you. We also have very strict entry criteria for tutors. Only the very best tutors are allowed on the site. We also use a rating and feedback system so parents can have complete confidence that a tutor is top quality.

The webinar is a free 4 part series about understanding and working with your dyslexia. It’s for anyone with dyslexia who wants to achieve academically, as well as for parents and educators who want to engage, teach and build better relationships with their child or student. Click here to register.

Dyslexia in the wrong situation can be a soul destroying problem. However, in the right circumstances, and with the right learning techniques, dyslexia can be an incredible asset and a very powerful way of thinking.

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