If your SEN child loves computers.. watch this video

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I’ve talked a lot on this site about the need to improve IT teaching in schools, before Michael Gove announced an intention to do just that.

One great way to do this is for schools to buy the new Raspberry Pi – a credit-card basic computer that runs Linux that children can learn to code with. It costs under £25. My boys’ school, I’m very pleased to say, has already ordered two of the machines and yesterday I had an opportunity to pre-order one for Son2. There’s a long lead time because demand is so high, so I’m not expecting to see it before May.

Many children, especially boys, who find great challenges with learning skills such as handwriting and accessing the curriculum the way others do, are actually terrific with computers. This is a brilliant way to encourage them into a career where they can excel.

But if you’re not especially techy yourself, how do you do this? I’ve found this great video on the Guardian’s website where Web developer Chris Cross looks at how easy it is to set up, browse the web and write code. Watch this and you’ll feel a lot more confident about how to encourage your child. For books on basic programming for kids, I found this one with five star reviews on Amazon called Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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  1. There’s a great (free) computer coding movement for kids in Ireland called Coderdojo – and I think it’s heading your way 🙂 My son tried it, but he didn’t stick with it sadly.

  2. I saw these on the news and was thinking of getting one – had no idea they took so long to come. In fact I have no idea where you order one from! Great post.

  3. Special Needs Mum

     /  March 13, 2012
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