My review of new SEN book, Towards a Postive Future

Book cover of Towards a Positive FutureThis easy-to-read book by Janet O’Keefe gives a valuable overview into the world of SEN support and the difficulties faced by parents in trying to access it.

It sets out in simple terms the current system for readers and gives some good advice about how to seek the right experts for your child. It also offers pointers for those experts themselves.

The book explains the most common social and communication disorders and helpfully illustrates them with personal stories garnered from her broad experience as a Speech and Language Therapist who has given evidence at SEN Tribunals many times. The stories will have a resonance with many parents and remind the reader that special needs should always put the child at the centre of the process.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this book is the section towards the end where Mrs O’Keefe challenges parents and educators not to blame others for society’s failures but to take action themselves to make the landscape better for our most vulnerable children. A very interesting and extremely useful read recommended for both parents and professionals.

You can find the book on Amazon or at the Publisher site.

Janet’s Wordswell site is here

The conference site is here

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