All about The LIME Magazine

Today, I welcome Sally Huggett of The LIME Magazine to guest post about her work and publication.

lime logoThe LIME Magazine is a bi-monthly publication for parents and carers of children with special needs. It came about because I have a child with special needs. Daniel was diagnosed with classic Autism and severe learning disabilities when he was 18 months old. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder. This turned my life completely upside down. I was at the time a practicing theatre nurse at our local general hospital. I had also trained as a midwife. I gave up work to look after Daniel full time. I found pretty quickly that there is precious little out there in the way of support once you have been given such earth shattering news. It tends to be a postcode lottery. Some hospitals are more supportive than others. Mine is rubbish.

So I decided I was going to be an authority on the subject. I was going to read everything I could lay my hands on and become an expert in the field so that I could give my child the best I possibly could. I also decided that I wanted to do something so that others finding themselves in my position were not also left with no support. And so The LIME Magazine was born. I set out wanting to provide a support mechanism and resource for parents and professional carers of children with Autism and all other special needs. The magazine is going from strength to strength. It has been up and running since April 2010. In April this year we secured funding and sponsorship from Ford UK. This was a huge coup and I and am really proud of this accolade. They obviously think we have something good going on here. This has enabled me to circulate the magazine to many children’s centres UK wide. The magazine now goes out to many children’s centres, special needs schools and private subscribers. It is doing very well. We have contributors such as Dr Susan Ashley PhD, Clinical Psychologist, who write wonderful articles on a plethora of special needs related issues. I also author a BLOG to support the LIME Magazine. This can be found at This talks about all things special needs related and gives an insight into what is coming up in future editions of The LIME Magazine. The LIME can be purchased at

I am also the Chief Executive of the registered charity This charity aims to provide adaptive computing technology for children with Autism and other Neurological Disorders. We aim to improve the quality of life for these children by aiding their communication skills and also their numeracy and literacy skills so that they may go on to gain qualifications. This will enable them to achieve gainful employment as adults and therefore they will be able to give a little back to the community. The Patron of the charity is TV and Radio Presenter Paul Ross.

The final thing I do is author a personal BLOG called Daniel’s Diary at This BLOG is an upbeat diary of life with a child with special needs. It celebrates the achievements of Daniel as well as looks at the tribulations that life can bring. It aims to be a support mechanism and resource also for parents in a similar position. It has a large following and is growing all the time. Please do hop on over and check it out. Daniel’s Diary has a FB Page at

Many thanks for reading and I hope that you find the above resources useful. I love to have new followers and love to receive comments so please do leave a comment on one of the BLOGs. I look forward to hearing from you!

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