Meridian TV item on Special Needs Education

Last night, Meridian TV in the south, featured the first of two parts of an item on Special Needs provision. You can see it here: Reporter Christine Alsford visited two families whose children have Asperger’s Syndrome.

By this morning, 41 people had left comments on their blogsite about the site; almost all were affected by the issue and had faced ignorance, resistance and refusal by LEAs to get the most approprate education for their children. What amazed me was the Education Minister who said “Well when they grow up they have to function with regular people in the real world” or words to that effect. Yes, and that’s WHY is is vital that they get the proper education and social skills training as children to enable them to be full members of society! Sheesh! And that attitude epitomises the misunderstanding politicians have about Special Education. Is it any wonder we have to fight when the people making the policy have no idea what they’re talking about?

Note: Meridianis updating its website and this is not available at the moment

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